In Short:

We're looking for a smart, self-directed person who can sit in on important client meetings, own follow-up deliverables and aid in defining/improving workflows within client organizations.

A Bit About The Job

  • This is a 3 month full time contract position anticipated to run from Nov 1, 2020 to Feb 1, 2021.
  • There is a possibility of this role becoming a full time, permanent position.
  • We're very flexible on timezones and work schedules; our team is spread across 6 time zones and aim to overlap our availability by at least 4 hours each day.
  • We would prefer that you are US-based and a fluent English speaker.

A Bit About Us

  • Lat Long is a digital product development team for clients exploring new frontiers. Our team is partially remote with an office in Brooklyn, NY and a partner development team in Buenos Aires.
  • Our core focus is building products for people doing exciting things — typically delivering technical solutions and going beyond to help create the business behind the product.
  • Our team has tackled some exciting projects in the past couple of years:
  • Our site and recent projects can be found here:

What will you be doing day to day?

  • Support our senior team on client projects by owning various deliverables. Those might include:
    • Documentation about how a feature works with screenshots and GIFs
    • Writing summary meeting notes with clearly defined next steps
    • Training clients on how to use a tool or feature
    • Researching tools to solve a problem, testing them out and making recommendations
    • Creating flowcharts or documentation to describe a particular client or user workflow
    • Drafting project status updates based on information relayed by other members of the team
  • With direction from the senior team, you will be tasked with researching how a client performs certain tasks. This includes learning the client business inside and out and being able to describe in detail each job function, team member and the input/output of each step in a process.
  • Assist with creating Gantt charts, spreadsheets or other deliverables as part of forecasting and updating project budgets, timelines and scope.
  • Turning loose ideas and suggestions from our team into details, actionable plans
  • Writing in Google Docs, creating Gantt charts, building spreadsheets in Google Sheets, communicating with the team in Slack
  • Help with internal projects that touch on our own workflows, marketing efforts and sales pitches
  • Assemble Keynote presentations with guidance from the team on content
  • Respond to client requests for support, updates or enhancements
  • Logging tickets for the development team with concise, thorough explanations of requested features or discovered bugs
  • Occasionally participating in technical meetings with development team to discuss client goals or feedback
  • Writing actionable user stories or use cases that can be understood by a client and useful to a developer. Specifically, you'll be spending a lot of time writing BDD statements and thinking about how we can be better using BDD in our process.

The ideal person will:

  • Have strong technology, analytical and communication skills. This means:
    • You have strong writing acumen - you don't need to be Hemingway but you can write client-facing documents that are concise and useful.
    • You're able to speak with confidence in meetings with clients whose job functions will range from the C-suite executives to assembly line shift workers.
    • You're in tune with technology trends and can discuss web development technologies at a mid-to-high level. You don't need to be a developer with advanced technical literacy, but you should know the meaning of terms like: cacheing, CMS, React, build process, Git, server
    • You can approach a problem and find your way through or around it with minimal guidance. If need you ask for help, you're coming to the conversation with insight into what hasn't worked and a hypothesis for how to remove roadblocks.
  • Have a strong capacity for self-directed learning of new concepts, tools and skills
  • Can take direction but are not dependent upon it
  • Are attentive and thorough with the ability to think analytically about structures then creatively design systems and workflows
  • Have some professional work experience; ideally 1-3 years in a digital services agency or equivalent role. Strong candidates may substitute this professional experience with applicable intern, student leadership or part-time work experience.
  • Have some level of higher education; field of study doesn't matter and if you have a compelling background, exact level of education is flexible.
  • Be comfortable working independently with a remote team. You'll be expected to share rolling updates about your progress toward goals and attend periodic video chats about project status.
  • Have an adventurous spirit with an interest in travel, adventure, exploration or science. We look for partners that explore the real world with a keen interest for discovery and growth.
  • Some skills that are not required but would be considered a great added value to our team:
    • Advanced Excel/Google Sheets skills are a major bonus
    • Familiarity with WordPress and the new Gutenberg editor. You don't need to be an advanced user but WordPress is central to much of our work and familiarity will be useful.
    • Any technical backgrounds with exposure to web development technologies and any level of coding experience
    • Experience in EdTech, educational research or student-focused product development
    • Some experience with Behavior Driven Development (BDD) processes
    • Spanish fluency

To apply:

Be sure to include some form of a cover letter. It doesn't need to be anything formal, but should provide a quick intro to you and indicate that you have an understanding of what our team does and what this position entails.

Apply on our our careers portal at

Please submit all applications via that site, direct emails will not be considered.