In Short: We're looking for a front end developer who can turn designs into delightful and functional digital interfaces using the latest React tools.

A Bit About The Job

  • We are looking for someone to help support a project, ideally starting sometime in May
  • This will be a contract position for 10-20 hours a week, for 2-3 months
  • This position is remote, but you should be in a timezone between GMT-8 and GMT+1

A Bit About Us

  • Lat Long is a digital product development team for clients exploring new frontiers.
  • Our core focus is building products for people doing exciting new things — typically delivering technical solutions and sometimes going beyond to help create the business behind the product.
  • Our team has tackled some exciting projects in the past couple of years:
  • Our site and recent projects can be found here:

What will you be doing day to day?

  • You don't have to be a designer but a creative streak is a bonus. You should feel comfortable working with a designer to explore ideas and provide insight on technical feasibility. We'll look to you to point out where potential pitfalls or opportunities might lie.
  • You'll be stepping into an existing project to help realize new feature ideas, track down and solve bugs and estimate upcoming work.
  • Inherit design deliverables such as Photoshop or Sketch files and turning them into high fidelity, well-tested, React components or classic HTML/CSS/JS
  • Create the HTML, CSS and JS necessary to bring layouts, interactions and styles to life on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Verify interfaces in a variety of browsers because Edge users are people, too
  • Share components with the team through tools like Storybook
  • Create human-friendly interactions based on static designs. The requirements might say "show this info on hover", but you'll recognize that this should probably have an easing effect with specific delay/transition timing. You don't need to be an advanced interaction designer, but recognize what makes interfaces pleasant for people to use.
  • Integrate a variety of JS libraries as-needed, including 3rd party analytics tools
  • These are a few examples of things we've done in the past few months which might have been part of your work. You don't need to have actually done each of these, but you should feel confident that you could achieve them given the right time/resources/guidance:
    • Create a host of UI treatments for video content on a site, including thumbnail previews, modal windows, embed containers and player controls
    • Add style changes to an email template (we hate email dev as much as you but it comes up occasionally)
    • Implement complex field validation rules and user feedback on a multi-step form
    • Create a product thumbnail carousel with zoom controls, swipe support and consistent sizing regardless of uploaded image dimensions
    • Take a Sketch file with 10 pages, 50+ artboards and hundreds of symbols and turn it into a Storybook-enabled component library
    • Help add Google Analytics Enhanced ECommerce tracking events through a site
    • Manage user state when navigating and interacting with a complex list of filtered search results

The ideal person will:

  • Have demonstrable experience creating interfaces with React. Ideally you'll have at least a few years of professional experience in front end development, but a strong portfolio may be sufficient.
  • Have experience working with GraphQL
  • Be comfortable developing both "dumb" and "smart" components
  • Have an understanding of how the build process works. You dont need to be a DevOps expert but you should be able to collaborate with a DevOps engineer in troubleshooting.
  • Have experience creating responsive interfaces that transition well between mobile and desktop
  • Have strong knowledge of HTML as a structural language. Understanding the non-visual difference between <h2> vs <h5> or <b> vs <strong> is important.
  • Be comfortable working independently with a remote team. You'll be expected to share rolling updates about your progress toward goals and attend periodic video chats about project status.
  • Have a flexible approach to most things - we aren't strictly agile or waterfall, we aren't zealots about LESS vs SCSS vs SASS and while OOP is a goal, it is not a hill worth dying on.
  • Have an adventurous spirit with an interest in travel, adventure, exploration or science. We look for partners that explore the real world with a keen interest for discovery and growth.
  • There are some skills that are not required but would be great additions:
    • Be familiar with WordPress and the new Gutenberg editor. Having created custom Gutenberg blocks would be a great addition.
    • Accessibility testing experience

In the application, you will be asked for a "Cover Letter". This does not need to be a formal document, but it is your opportunity to demonstrate that you've read this job description and have the skills to fulfill it. Please provide a short paragraph just telling us who you are, where you're located plus a quick comment on why you're interested in the role. Applications without a cover letter will not be considered.