In Short: We're looking for a full stack JavaScript developer with experience building applications top to bottom, from rendering interfaces to provisioning the APIs and servers necessary to give it life.

A Bit About The Job

  • We are looking for someone to start very soon, ideally with availability starting in early October
  • This will be a contract position for 40 hours a week, expected to last 3 months with potential for long-term commitment in 2020
  • This position is remote, but bonus points if you're available to occasionally meet/work in our offices in Springfield, MO or Brooklyn, NY.
  • No moonlighting or non-US candidates please - we like being able to collaborate during regular hours.

A Bit About Us

  • Lat Long is a digital product development team for clients exploring new frontiers. Our team is partially remote with offices in Brooklyn, NY and Springfield, MO
  • Our core focus is building products for people doing exciting things — typically delivering technical solutions and sometimes going beyond to help create the business behind the product.
  • Our team has tackled some exciting projects in the past couple of years:
  • Our site and recent projects can be found here:

What will you be doing day to day?

  • This project is specifically focused on building an education-focused platform for administering creating student rosters, assigning various assessments and reviewing the results of those assessments.
    • It is being created using the AWS Amplify Framework
    • You will be a part of a small team, including an in-place full stack tech lead. However, the lead is scheduled to depart the project in early November, so we are looking for someone comfortable acting as tech lead for an interim basis
    • Development is underway with early architectural decisions in place, UI is being developed and use cases/user stories in an advanced state.
  • Creating GraphQL APIs and the services/infrastructure to support them
  • Developing interfaces with React components that draw contextual information from application state, user permissions, GraphQL APIs and other resources.
  • Create tests and documentation for work as it progresses
  • Use a variety of AWS tools to create the application, specifically using the AWS Amplify Framework

The ideal person will:

  • Have experience making strategic and tactical decisions about application development. You'll have some experience as a tech lead or a portfolio of complete applications that you've created or lead.
  • Have experience or familiarity with a variety of technologies:
    • Node.js
    • React.js
    • GraphQL
      • Apollo Client
      • Apollo Server
      • AWS AppSync
    • Redux & React Hooks
    • Webpack
    • Docker
    • Redis
    • AWS
      • Amplify
      • AppSync
      • Cloudfront
      • Cognito
      • DynamoDB
      • Lambda
      • Route53
      • S3
  • There are some HIPPA-related aspects of this project, so experience creating compliant applications and infrastructures is a plus
  • Be comfortable working independently with a semi-remote team. You'll be expected to share rolling updates about your progress toward goals and attend regular video chats about project status.
  • Have a flexible approach to most things - we aren't strictly agile or waterfall, we aren't zealots about LESS vs SCSS vs SASS and while OOP is a goal, it is not a hill worth dying on.
  • Have an adventurous spirit with an interest in travel, adventure, exploration or science. We look for partners that explore the real world with a keen interest for discovery and growth.

To apply:

Visit our jobs portal at